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"The Vibe" 2.0 - 20g - Bulk Packs

"The Vibe" 2.0 - 20g - Bulk Packs

$220.00 $240.00 Save $36.00

 "The Vibe"  2.0 - 20g 

The Vibe 2.0 is an improved version of the original “The Vibe” the most popular and versatile soft vibe on the market, this is "THE" go to "VIBE" for Barra, Jewfish and Threadfin and many many more species for fishermen in Australia, This lure will catch anything and “The Vibe” 2.0 is even better... 

                      AVAILABLE IN PACKS OF 20 & 10 


NEW easy to re - use packaging

Life like features

Long Life / Stretch Material

Stronger Internals

Bigger Hooks - size #4

Better Action

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