“The Vibe” X - 115mm / 30g

“The Vibe” X - 115mm / 30g

Brown Dawg
Green Shiner
Pink Delicious
Gold Royal
Sketched White
FB Trout
El Nat
Yellow Orange
Oil Motor

“The Vibe” X is our new flagship fish soft vibe! 

115mm  / 30g 

EXtra Strong Vibe action 

EXtra Strong internal Vibe system 

EXtra flash built inside 

EXtra tough material 

EXtra strong size #4 Hooks 

No more worn out rear wire

No more twisted rear wire 

Designed and tested in Cape York Australia 

All colours are uv reactive. 

Best fished with a cast and retrieve or drifting and hopping under the boat in deeper water. For best results stay in contact or keep an eye on your line for bites as most of the time the bite happens on the drop!